Flight Instructor Courses


Once you have your Commercial Licence and you are keen to extend your skills, the Instructor Flight Course is for you.

To be eligible for the Flight Instructor Course wou will be required to have the following:

CLP or PPL with CPL theory

A valid SEP rating

A valid Medical certificate

6 hours flight time in the previous 6 months

Pass a pre course entry test

The course consists of 30 flying hours and 120 invaluable hours of ground school. The focus of the course is to learn how to teach a new student how to fly. Not an easy task !!!

You will be shown how to teach each exercise from the PPL syllabus and learn how to give a board brief and prepare and manage a flight lesson.   By the end of the course you will be verse in all the current exercises and teaching techniques required.

Being a Flight Instructor will increase your skill level greatly, as well as refine your emergency procedures, radiotelephony and general airmanship level.


Even in the current climate there has never been a better time to become a Professional Pilot. Awareness within the Aviation Industry is growing at such an incredible rate, as well as other business sectors that are realising the benefits of air transport.

Aviation Centre staff are always available to discuss with you your requirements and the opportunities available to you. We also have a library of information available for your perusal.

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